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Join-In with us today! Why? Because of the fact that we do not post links from those pay to download file hosting sites with those annoying pop up ads. You know, like the ones you would see on many other blogs or forums. Our website security is our #1 priority. All of our videos, photos, documents, or files are virus free, spyware free, malware free, and adware free. Our site is 100% safe and secure, HTTPS protected. No videos are uploaded on our server, we only use embedded codes from our trusted partners sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google, JWPlayer and etc. We work diligently so that you can experience the best SD or HD quality videos on the net. So therefore, we hope that you would like to be a part of our growing team as a Lifetime Premium Member or VIP Member.

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It's easy, safe, & secure. It's plain and simple. All you have to do is pay a one time, low fee of $15.00 USD through Paypal is our primary payment processing service. They are the best when it comes to money exchanging service. When you join there will not be any Recurring Charges or Re-Bills. No Gimmicks and No Hidden Fees will be applied to you. We at Join-In recommend our guest to buy gift cards instead to purchase their membership. Just for security reasons and fraud prevention. With that said, excepts AMEX, Master Card, VISA & Discover cards. Please read our No Refund Policy below, before joining with us. This is very important. Why we have a No Refund Policy? For the reason that, we don't want our VIP Members to lose their commissions and we are not insured. We use the money we raise for our Administration Staff and private video hosting fees.

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Your $15.00 USD is Non-Refundable. We have a NO REFUND POLICY because, when you enter this forum you will gain access to view our private videos and photos. Refunds will only be issued to victims of fraud. After showing proof and a written statement from your local law enforcement agency. Then we will help resolve this matter. Please report fraud immediately, don't wait 3 days or more days later, unless you've had an emergency issue. We at Join-In would recommend our guest to buy gift cards instead to purchase their membership. Just for security reasons and fraud prevention. Please keep your credit or debit cards secure. We monitor all IP addresses, for security reasons only.   

This forum does not store or host any files on its server. If you are the original creator of content featured on this forum and want it removed, please contact support at Also, include the link to the thread you would like removed. is not in any way responsible for the content on this forum. All content on Join-In is submitted by VIP Members only. 

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